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Association of Foreign Spouses cover



The Association of Foreign Spouses

Marriage to a handsome Ghanaian architect has brought Eva far from the quiet English countryside. He had made it sound heavenly: an easy, warm life, jovial people, exotic food, vibrant colours, a fascinating culture. The reality is quite different. The heat and humidity sap her energy; the general hardship drains her of vitality; the foreign culture still bewilders her. But Eva has her friends – Dahlia, Yelena and Margrit – all of them strangers in a foreign land, who through the years have relied on each other to fill the gaps left by distant relatives...



Cloth Girl cover



Cloth Girl

Matilda Quartey is fourteen years old when sophisticated Gold Coast lawyer Robert Bannerman sets eyes on her and resolves to take her as his second wife. For Julie, his first wife, it is an intolerable insult; for Matilda it is an abrupt end to childhood. Meanwhile, Audrey Turton is appalled by her new life in Africa. Anger makes her reckless as she drinks away the days, dreaming of home...